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Aspiring Technical Artist, with a history of professional and private projects. Skilled in Game Art and Animation Pipelines, PBR Workflow, Software/Tool Development, Maya, Unreal Engine Blueprints, Unreal Engine Optimization & Profiling Tools, Substance, Shader Creation, Python, Version Control (Git, Perforce) and Kanban/Scrum (JIRA).

Currently improving skills in Houdini, VFX, C++, HLSL.

I'm open minded and like to learn new skills, I'm highly motivated and hard-working to improve myself. I'm a fast-learner.


Technical Artist

Nov 2022 - Present
Gunzilla Games · Gaming · Germany · Full-time

Project: Off the Grid

Python Blueprints Unreal Engine Developed tools to support the validation of assets coming from artists and outsourcing partners to our technical requirements and standards; as well as tools for artists to automate creation of collision volumes for static meshes.

Unreal Engine Optimization Profiling Identified, analyzed, and solved issues with material, assets, and performance in general. Analyzed and profiled use cases for specific technologies, evaluated pros and cons and gave feedback and recommendations based on the results.

Documentation Support Documented workflows and pipelines, validated assets and integrated them in our project. Supported artists on specific questions or issues with workflows, collected feedback from art departments, recommended and discussed solutions to solve issues and documented workflows and assisted and taught artists.

Pipeline Collaborated with art departments and other stakeholders to improve the pipeline.

Unreal Engine Technical Artist

Feb 2022 - Sep 2022
liveFRAME Production GmbH · Virtual Production · Germany · Full-time

Project: Multiple Virtual Production Online Live Stream Events

Blueprints Unreal Engine Developed Blueprints to integrate camera tracking, input devices and vfx during Virtual Production online live streaming events.

Compositing Unreal Engine Used Realtime Compositing to compose the live camera video signal with virtual camera in a Greenscreen studio.

Unreal Engine Materials Shading Lighting Shading & Lighting for Virtual TV Studios for Virtual Production online live streaming events.

Unreal Engine Stage Precision Operated Unreal Engine during live Virtual Production streaming events.

TYPO3 Web Developer

Dec 2019 - Jan 2022
ion2s GmbH · Software Development · Germany · Full-time

Software Developer

May 2019 - Nov 2019
comwrap GmbH · Software Development · Germany · Full-time


Table-Top Roleplay Games - I'm a Game Master in Pathfinder 2e Remastered, where I manage multiple parties of players (on-site as well as online), and regularly organize and lead sessions, prepare adventures and adjust them to our purpose. I also have experience playing as Player Character in Pathfinder 2e, Dungeon & Dragons, and Cyborg.
Gaming - I love to play different games on PC and Playstation, including Multiplayer and Coop's with friends like League of Legends, Rocket League, Battlefront, Rainbow Six: Siege, Baldur's Gate 3, It takes two, as well as High-quality Single-Player Roleplay games like The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, Life Is Strange, God of War, and many more.
Cultures & Cousines - I'm open minded and love to learn about other cultures, their traditions, cousine, and customs.


Media Informatics (B.Sc.)

2009 - 2019
University of Applied Science, Mittelhessen (Germany)



Full professional